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With over 90,000 followers we’ve grown to become one the largest sources for Cosmetic Surgery Information, Coordination, & Discussion. 

We post it all good, bad, and ugly so you’re able to make an informed decision.

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Your Journey Begins Here

Hey Roomies, are you looking for Surgeons, Nurses, Recovery Homes, and Post Op care. Put your mind at ease, I’ve done the research for you. 

Consultation With The Surgery Room

BBL, LIPO, TT, BA, Lift, or Implants?

Should I stick to Miami or head to Columbia, or maybe the Dominican Republic?

Hips, Lats, Butt shots?

OMG, what do I do, who can I trust!?!?

We understand that It can be difficult to navigate your Plastic Surgery Journey. Tell me your desires and I'll put your mind at ease and help you decide on options

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This journey is scary knowledge unknown until you hit your page! Im in the medical field as well but your page gives me background on a field im unfamiliar with. Thank you for responding and putting TRUTH OUT responding when needed, and being official in this social side of the business.
JM Doll
JM Doll@jmdoll2022
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I dmed you for like a year asking for advice about different doctors, and you responded everytime! thanks 😊 and I'm pleased with my body
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Baby I came to this group as a vet but let me tell you the knowledge of surgeons and their history! The knowledge of RH's and surgery do's n don't you have it locked. Your page is so informational. I often ask how one stores so much info in their brain😂😂 Thanks for keeping us on top of the game while being occasionally entertained you a real one🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
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Thank you for all the information you provide, it’s definitely needed and appreciated. 😍😍
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yeeeees you literally just helped me a few days ago ! I’ve been trying to contact a surgeon for almost 2 months , i sent you a message , you told me how to contact him and he FaceTimed me 2 days later 🙌
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Thank you for always posting unbiased reviews on surgeons! This is the only place that I could find with real, undoctored reviews. You helped me pick a surgeon!
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I would like to thank you for helping me in my journey to the world of plastic surgery. You are truly a gem. This is not just a typical blog. Although, I have a medical background; somethings in this field are never exposed fully. However, you are ethical and get to the bottom of every rumor, dispute and concern. With your assistance and research, I was able to make a selection on a great surgeon Dr. Brewster. Thank you so much.

Dream Body Recovery Home
Dream Body Recovery Home@dreambody.retreat
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The Surgery Room gives information that every woman or Man needs to know before traveling to have a cosmetic surgery. I appreciate The Surgery Room because the best client is a informed client that does their Research and she provides so much Information on what to expect when getting a procedure.
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I just added this group recently I love it here I been researching surgeons for a long time an this page gives a lot of insight on who an who not to choose thanks for caring about us even when we don’t have time to your on it so much knowledge an good Advice here thank you
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I would like to thank you: for helping me start my journey from my breast reduction to now mini tt. Your page is so resourceful I was able to guide at least 5 of my associates through there journey. Your absolutely Fxxx Amazing

—Mature & Graphic Content—

By entering this website, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older


The Good - The Bad - The Ugly

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—Mature & Graphic Content—

By entering this website, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older